Open //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded and Mixed at 301, Alexandria, Sydney. Mastered at micro-moose Berlin
Recording date: 
Thursday, February 21, 2013
Emma Nisson (for the monochord) James Waples
Artwork design: 
Asi Föcker
Mastering engineer: 
Doug Henderson
Mixing engineer: 
Tim Whitten
The Necks
Recording engineer: 
Tim Whitten
  • 1. Open (01:08:04)

Open, The Necks’ 17th album was released in 2013. The music here is labyrinthine, yet sparse. A strummed monochord provides a returning formal element around which a music of subtly shifting episodes evolves. Elegant tom tom passages, rich bowed bass “choirs”, and emotively melodic piano combine with cymbal and hammond organ textures to create one of the most powerful Necks’ releases.

"one of the most mesmerizing records of the year: an hour-long, labyrinthine, uninterrupted dream"

"A living masterwork for those with open ears"
The Music

"It's almost hard to imagine that three people could come together to make something this beautiful, this sure of itself, this happy to take this much time to unfold. It's flawless."
- Off The Tracks