Trade Winds //

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  • 1. Opening (03:04)
  • 2. Submerged (03:14)
  • 3. Open Ocean (14:25)
  • 4. Mobilis In Mobili (09:01)
  • 5. Deep Layer (11:54)
  • 6. Planctonic Float (02:19)
  • 7. Migration (06:15)
  • 8. Nordfjorden Shore (01:56)

In 2006 Natasha Barrett was awarded the prestigious Nordic Council Music Prize for her work ...fetters... released by Aurora. Now Natasha Barrett is ready with her new album, containing one work only: Trade Winds is a fantastic voyage, down to the mythical and physical depths of the oceans.

Trade Winds is inspired by the vast expanse of sea - unleashing the musical potential of recordings from the 100-year-old sailing ship Dyrafjeld, from above and within harbour, shore and open oceans around the world, and the spoken narrative of an old Norwegian captain.

From a narrative listening position Trade Winds' macrostructure consists of two halves: the first exploring culture and fables, the second exploring nature and science. The central pivot is inspired by the chapter Mobilis in Mobili from 20000 Leagues Under the Seas by Jules Verne. Throughout Trade Winds the reference to Captain Nemo is evident in various manifestations of organ recordings.

"I had never thought that the sea could be such a nightmare as it was then, and I was sure that it was may last hour at sea. ... and they vanished."
Musical narrative is not necessarily a predictable linear chain of events; surprise is essential to a compelling story. Natasha Barrett launches multiple narratives in parallel, lets them take turns, interrupt each other, unfold simultaneously, or twist backwards. Sounds emerge from the depths and sweep dramatically across the sound stage in an ever evolving dance of sonic patterns.

Release date: 05.11.2007