(also known as) acker velvet //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Amann Studios, Vienna
Recording date: 
Friday, May 1, 2009
Artwork design: 
Axel Haller
Mastering engineer: 
Martin Siewert
Recording engineer: 
Christoph Amann
  • 1. mo (03:02)
  • 2. su (07:44)
  • 3. so (01:34)
  • 4. me (03:16)
  • 5. ra (03:00)
  • 6. no (04:12)
  • 7. ka (06:15)
  • 8. li (03:19)

Andreas Trobollowitsch - tape, guitar, bass, prepared melodica, inside radio, feedback
Johannes Tröndle - cello, prepared cello, live electronics

"Nörz produce teeny, precise gestures of indeterminate electroacoustic origin arranged into shifty, haphazard pieces with gradual, barely discernible development. Dynamics vary from dangerously high-pitched sine tones a la Sachiko M to dense low end potholes that would catch up the likes of Deathprod, but their improvisatory methods ensure a relatively steady hand is maintained, sparing us the kind of violent leaps in attack found in Mego productions. … The eight tracks are joined at the seams, and vary from the low-grade hiss and spare guitar of opening mo to the heavier menace of droning su. So contrasts short bursts of white noise with dead koto-like plunks, ra chatters away like an insect conversation, while the final li foregrounds the melodica over confused rustled matter. Nörz work in an increasingly populated field, but they demonstrate enough control here to place them near the front of the pack."

Cyclic Defrost (Australia)