Live in Berlin //

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Release date: 
Recording location: 
live at Berlin Jazz Units (Musikbrauerei)
Recording date: 
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Artwork design: 
Malwa Grabowska aka. Hipermania
Mastering engineer: 
Michal Kupicz
Mixing engineer: 
Jonathan Hoffmann
Mount Meander
Recording engineer: 
Fabian G. Knof of UFO Sound Studios
  • 1. SET (reach) (04:27)
  • 2. ARRIVAL (touchdown or the two faces of the cosmic Gaunab) (06:42)
  • 3. EVOLUTION (climbing babel or Gaunab) (04:12)
  • 4. FEATURE (strings all over) (04:08)
  • 5. INTERACTION (on the rim) (04:32)
  • 6. DRUM (ants and elephants) (01:04)
  • 7. OPUS (hearts breathing) (11:26)
  • 8. ENCORE (the ghosts in the woods) (13:42)

Kārlis Auziņš – saxophones
Lucas Leidinger – piano
Tomo Jacobson – double bass
Thomas Sauerborn – drums

Mount Meander is back!
After their acclaimed debut (Clean Feed, 2016), this pan-European quartet of accomplished free improvisers moves towards a more visceral expression live, presenting a record of one of their intimate yet robust performances.

The music emerging is a sort of an ethereal substance in a state of constant flux - musicians as particles interacting according to inner (experiences) and outer (time, space, and the receiver which is also a giver) impulses and meanings. One of the elements initiates a movement, the rest radiates accordingly - stone is thrown into the water, thus creating waves. Here, it is never about specific particles, but about the substance itself and its vector-transcend to where it becomes just yet another particle in an even greater soup of matter.
released February 6, 2019

Recorded live at Berlin Jazz Units (Musikbrauerei) on November 27, 2017 by Fabian G. Knof of UFO Sound Studios
Mixed by Jonathan Hoffmann
Mastered by Michał Kupicz
All music by Mount Meander

Album reviews: "[With] the band’s second CD (...) the quartet members now travel firmly on their own route with no meandering. (...) Avant-garde to some, modern mainstream to others, Live in Berlin helps define what cooperation can achieve. Maybe hyperbolic politicians should start taking tips from Jazz musicians." (Ken Waxman - Jazz Word - USA) "Definitely one of the best European Avant-Garde Jazz albums that landed on my desk so far in 2019" (Adam Baruch - The Soundtrack of my Life - Poland) "No transcriptions for this one!" (George W. Harris - Jazz Weekly - USA) Among Avant Music News Picks of the Week : Feb 21, 2019; Listed in the 'Excellent Releases of the First Half of 2019' (Avant Music News - USA) 'Tune of the day' : Feb 8, 2019 (Dave Foxal - a Jazz Noise - USA) "The musicians are improvising just fantastic – the music is filled with brightness, drive, expressions and innovative musical decisions." (Avant Scena - USA) "Avant-garde jazz radiates as the guiding star over a fine-woven network of jazz, world, rock and pop." (Niels Overgård - Jazz Nyt - Denmark) "Modern, creative and exciting - four musicians you really have to write in the book. (...) Incredibly exciting music, that not only works live in concert, but also does well in the CD player." (Jan Granile - Salt Peanuts - Norway) "Amazing and stupendous!!! (...) Outstanding record, fantastic artistic achievement!" (Maciej Lewenstein - Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond - Poland) "Live in Berlin is free improv done very well by excellently trained musicians." (Percorsi Musicali - Ettore Garzia - Italy) "Brawo! Telepatyczna symfonia sonorystyki!" (Andrzej Nowak - Spontaneous Music Tribune - Poland)