Here Now Hear //

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Monash University
Recording date: 
Sunday, August 18, 2019
  • 1. For E.E. Cummings (09:37)
  • 2. Fractured (10:21)
  • 3. Comeclose And Sleepnow: Evening Song (04:01)
  • 4. Comeclose And Sleepnow: Her Song (03:42)
  • 5. Comeclose And Sleepnow: Comeclose And Sleepnow (06:16)
  • 6. Comeclose And Sleepnow: Dial-a-Poem (01:30)
  • 7. Comeclose And Sleepnow: Sometimes It Happens (05:24)
  • 8. Comeclose And Sleepnow: Aubade (05:54)
  • 9. Musician And Machine (21:42)
  • 10. The Dark Hip Falls (11:09)
  • 11. Fainter, Stronger (23:05)
  • 12. For Tomasz: The Alchemist (10:49)
  • 13. For Tomasz: Bittersweet (09:39)
  • 14. For Tomasz: Passion, Grit and Soul (05:25)
  • 15. The Drunkard's Walk: Step 3 (08:42)
  • 16. The Drunkard's Walk: Step 5 (08:17)
  • 17. The Drunkard's Walk: Step 1 (11:57)

Here Now Hear is comprised of eight innovative Australian works commissioned and recorded by the Monash Art Ensemble between 2017-2019. It features an ecclectic mix of contemporary cross-genre music by significant Australian composers: Paul Grabowsky, Kate Neal, Andrew Ford, Robert Burke, Cat Hope, Marc Hannaford, Paul Williamson and Sandy Evans.
- Monash Art Ensemble Director, Paul Grabowsky AO

Produced by Robert Burke, Paul Williamson, Jordan Murray, Johannes Luebbers and Paul Grabowsky
Recorded by Ben Grayson, Hadyn Buxton, Ross Cockle and Daniel Tan with students from the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music at Monash University
Mixed by Ben Grayson and Daniel Tan
Masteredd by Ben Grayson

Monash Art Ensemble Manager: Megan Burslem
Artwork and Design: Rick Milovanovic

For a list of musicians performing on these tracks, poems/lyrics to "Comeclose and Sleepnow", and an additional audio track, "Interpolations" by Luebbers and Williamson, visit

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its ars funding and advisory body
"The Dark Hip Falls" commissioned by the APRA AMCOS Art Music Fund

℗ Monash University © 2019 FMR Records (FMRDD552)