Haitian Rail //

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Saturday, January 1, 2000
  • 1. Linive (09:23)
  • 2. Primitive Rings (05:33)
  • 3. Ankadreman (08:13)
  • 4. Not A Memory (07:49)
  • 5. Solarism (08:49)
  • 6. Coqueternions (07:48)

Haitian Rail is the powerful debut LP from the Ricart/Millevoi Quartet, a new unit featuring four of the strongest voices in the creative music underground.

Thoughtful composition and ranging, rollicking improvisations make for deeply rewarding listening, buoyed by laser focused precision. From the dizzying unison melody of opener ‘Linive’ through the off-kilter serialism of ‘Coqueternions,’ Haitian Rail is a record of burning, sprawling intensity, effortlessly marrying the testifying, free-ranging spirit of ecstatic free jazz with the electric textures and tones of avant-rock.

Half of the electricity is on offer from guitarist Nick Millevoi, known for the challenging, cosmic dissonance of his solo work, and the blistering speed of his playing with free-shred power trio Many Arms (Tzadik Records). Here his playing splits the difference, scrupulously exploiting the fretboard and every other nook of his instrument for articulate phrasing, harsh feedback, and stark, coruscating sheets of sound. Saxophonist Travis Laplante (of Little Women) makes an excellent harmonic foil, using circular-breathing to voice blistering, relentlessly spiraling sonic shards, and digging deep during two unaccompanied solo sections. Edward Ricart (of Hyrrokkin, William Hooker Trio, Matta Gawa) plays his electric bass with great force, alternating between throbbing, sub-rattling lines and high-octane shredding, amplified by a 1960’s Ampeg SVT stack. Drummer Ches Smith (Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, Tim Berne’s Snakeoil) offers a nimble-yet-muscular backbone, completing an intense and driving rhythm section. Recorded with engineer Jason LaFarge at Seizures Palace in Brooklyn (Swans, Akron/Family, Khanate), Haitian Rail sounds striking, wide-open and explosive.

Haitian Rail will be released in July 2013 on LP by Gaffer Records and on cassette by New Atlantis Records.