Leuchten //

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Recording location: 
Recording date: 
Sunday, June 9, 2002
Artwork design: 
Alfredo Costa Monteiro
Mastering engineer: 
Michael Thieke
Mixing engineer: 
Michael Thieke
Ernesto Rodrigues
Recording engineer: 
Michael Thieke
  • 1. Nicht Existent (06:24)
  • 2. Diffusion (12:46)
  • 3. Jene Randfiguren (06:25)
  • 4. Digamma (05:25)
  • 5. Quellend (11:11)

Michael Thieke has recorded frequently for Creative Sources, contributing to excellent ensemble discs by Schwimmer and one entitled Kreis. Leuchten (Creative Sources 040) is a solo recital – comprised of five improvisations from June 2002 – for alto clarinet. In some ways it’s a shame this disc didn’t come out much sooner, as the wonderful techniques Thieke explores are perhaps somewhat more commonplace now than they were three years ago. But the music is still thoughtful, rich, and satisfying. On each track, Thieke rigorously explores a different technical area. He displays a remarkable range of wet noises on “Nicht Existent.” The breathiness of “Diffusion” is quite intense and gets right into your earhole – at times it sounds as if there are multiple players at work here, and in some ways sounds more like a no-input mixing board piece than a reeds performance. Close attention is required to digest the tiny insect noises of “Jene Randfiguren,” yet this is an interval before the boisterous, expressive concluding pieces. On “Digamma” he actually gets his clarinet to sound like a bass flute, and on “Quellend” the already extended and reconsidered properties of his instrument are abstracted and devolved further as hissing, crackling feedback seems to emit from the horn. It’s a fine disc, and more satisfying than some of the label’s other recent solo reeds releases. Jason Bivins (Dusted Magazine)