Nachtlieder //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
SWR studios in Baden Baden, and live at Jazzclub Karlsruhe.
Recording date: 
Thursday, January 1, 2009
Mastering engineer: 
Kurt Liedwart
Mastering engineer: 
Martin Siewert
Mixing engineer: 
Martin Siewert
Mixing engineer: 
Michael Thieke
Reinhard Kager
  • 1. Buy Berlin (01:27)
  • 2. Nachtlied (Für Theodor Kramer) (06:54)
  • 3. Silent Bob (08:44)
  • 4. The Joy, Joy, Joy Of Meeting Somebody New (Für Guy Maddin) (05:42)
  • 5. Insonnia A Termini (04:12)
  • 6. Dear Betty Baby (05:00)
  • 7. And Smile (04:30)
  • 8. Remember (06:25)
  • 9. Paroles Sans Papiers (04:17)

Michael Thieke // clarinet, zither, field recordings
Luca Venitucci // accordion, amplified objects
Martin Siewert // guitar, lap steel, electronics
Derek Shirley // bass
Christian Weber // bass
Steve Heather // drums, percussion
Eric Schaefer // drums, percussion

Walking through the night. I’m not even supposed to be here today, and so is Silent Bob.

New news of dying migrants. No attention for the paperless, what can the sailors do when the captain feels mean? Meanwhile Guy Maddin tells us his tales of amnesia, incest, death, and transfiguration decked out in low-rent expressionism and dime-store surrealism. Such a joy, joy, joy to meet somebody new. The insonnia of the homeless in the Termini train station addressing Heinrich Heine, trying to convince us to smile in spite of the faded flowers. And you, dear Betty?

It’s 5 am. Internally displaced people in Colombia and protesters in Rome buy Berlin on a website, and sing along with old street musicians at their long gone open air coffee shop. Gentrification, cheerfully whistling through swinging doors of court halls after real estate auctions. Field recordings or fake nostalgia?

Unununium’s colour is unknown, but probably metallic and silvery white or grey in appearance. Uses: no uses known.

We play Nachtlieder, and Theodor Kramer wishes a good night to….well, he has the better words.