Tomba Emmanuelle //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Emmanuell Vigeland Mausoleum
Recording date: 
Saturday, May 11, 2013
Mastering engineer: 
Morten Stendahl
Recording engineer: 
Thomas Hukkelberg
  • 1. Tomba Emmanuelle (28:13)

Tomba Emmanuelle is Michael F. Duch’s second solo album for the double bass. It was recorded in May 2013 at the Emmanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo. The piece was commisioned by Ny Musikk Bergen in 2012. Whereas Duch’s solo debut Edges (on the norwegian label +3db) focuses on the music of Morton Feldman, Christian Wolff and others, Tomba Emmanuelle explores different registers, timbres and acoustic effects of the instrument in the relation to the room it is being performed in. The Vigeland Mausoleum is probably one of Nothern Europe's most unique concert venues, and highlights the acoustic phenomena that the piece is based on.

Michael Francis Duch (b.1978) is one of our foremost double bass-players on the Norwegian contemporary music scene. Since 2012 he has been associate professor at the Institute of Music, NTNU, Trondheim. He has established himself as a solid interpreter of Cornelius Cardew’s music, documented through releases with the trio Tilbury/Davies/Duch. The album ”Cornelius Cardew: Works 1960-70” was on WIRE’s list of best releases in 2010.