Untitled //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Hardstudios Winterthur/Shedhalle Zug
Recording date: 
Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Mastering engineer: 
Alex Huber
Mixing engineer: 
Andy Neresheimer
Recording engineer: 
Andy Neresheimer
  • 1. Eroica (05:36)
  • 2. Nothing To Be Gained (06:02)
  • 3. Receiver (04:10)
  • 4. Billie's Ear Wax (05:28)
  • 5. Codine vs. Morphine (01:57)
  • 6. Howard Hughes (07:00)
  • 7. Sky (03:10)
  • 8. Black Teeth (04:11)
  • 9. Brown Head (01:19)
  • 10. Words (01:07)
  • 11. The Human Torch (06:03)
  • 12. Mark Rothko (03:59)
  • 13. Jackson Pollock (03:51)
  • 14. Friedensreich Hundertwasser (04:16)
  • 15. Rolf Winnewisser (06:29)

Matthias Tschopp – baritone saxophone
Yves Theiler – piano & rhodes
Silvan Jeger – bass
Alex Huber – drums

My first intention was to work with other pictures of Basquiat. But during the composition process I started to repeat myself: all I had to say about Basquiat was already contained in the suite Untitled Part I. Therefore I began to look for pictures of other artists. Pictures without a title.
My first discovery was Jackson Pollock: lines and dots, density and emptiness, action and reaction are also central elements in music. His painting techniques and his use of coincidence and improvisation were very inspiring, too.
Mark Rothko’s picture embodies colour and rhythm. Colours become sounds, pure or superimposed. Rhythm is kinetic energy.
In search of contemporary Swiss art, I visited the Kunst(Zeug)Haus in my hometown Rapperswil. The magnificent collection of Peter and Elisabeth Bosshard contains numerous untitled works. On this record you will hear the musical rendering of a painting by Rolf Winnewisser with clear structures and yet open to many interpretations.
To conclude, there is a work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser that could not be less untitled: 10002 Nights Homo Humus Come Va How Do You Do. The corresponding piece of music is about the growth of organic structures.
The recording session took place at the Hardstudios Winterthur in November 2016. Listening to the tracks, I had the idea of not presenting the four pieces one by one. Instead, I re-composed the music as a counterpart suite to Untitled Part I. Inspired by the collage technique some of the artists had used in their works, I cut, layered and arranged the recorded material to a new piece of music: Untitled Part II.