Falling and Five other Failings //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Garnison 7, Vienna
Recording date: 
Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Artwork design: 
Jimmy Draht
Mastered by: 
Martin Siewert
Mixing engineer : 
Martin Siewert
Recorded by: 
Martin Siewert
  • 1. Failing I (07:34)
  • 2. Falling (07:28)
  • 3. Failing II (07:10)
  • 4. Failing III (05:52)
  • 5. Failing IV (09:48)
  • 6. Failing V (06:37)

Mats Gustafsson - slide, tenor, baritone, bass saxophones
Christof Kurzmann - special ppooll software and voice, live processing

The elements of construction used to make this album and the resulting music all belong to this century, to this period. I think it's clear that Christof and Mats are not looking backward in an attempt to recreate something that sounds like the past, nor do I feel that they are attempting to be futuristic and artificially avant-garde. FALLING and five other failings is a set of music that responds to the circumstances that we are currently living in, what we are seeing and listening to right now. Compositions for the times. As I hear them, abstract hymns for the left as we are faced with the advance of the right.

-Ken Vandermark: June 15, 2016, Vienna