Solo Flutes //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Alphen aan den Rijn
Recording date: 
Saturday, January 11, 2014
Photos by Floris Scheplitz (
Artwork design: 
Frauke Erichsen
Mastering engineer: 
Misha De Kanter
Mixing engineer: 
Misha De Kanter
Recording engineer: 
Mark Alban Lotz
  • 1. Albert Speaks (02:20)
  • 2. As Sahra Ash Shariqiyah (Eastern Desert) (05:46)
  • 3. Whole Steps (00:50)
  • 4. Hungry III (03:10)
  • 5. PVC Mantra (01:04)
  • 6. Dear Moth (03:01)
  • 7. Why Not Take All? (03:19)
  • 8. Piccolo For Makeba (02:12)
  • 9. Adam And Eva (03:58)
  • 10. Whisper Alap (04:34)
  • 11. Do Not Swallow! (03:01)
  • 12. Major Circles (01:29)
  • 13. The Fish On The Dry (05:15)
  • 14. For Rahsaan (04:13)
  • 15. Kazoo Track (02:27)
  • 16. Inside (01:53)
  • 17. A Fine Winter (02:11)

Mark Alban Lotz - piccolo, concert flute, alto flute, bass flute, pvc contrabass flutes, prepared flute, voice

17 tracks of flute solo performances of contemporary music in compositions and improvisations. Everything is played live and in one go, live. Use of extended techniques on flute (whisper tones, multi-phonics, tongue slaps and stops, circular breathing, voice, lip pizzicato harmonics, etc). Including six ‘Bass Flute Sequenzas’ – sound excesses, exploring the pipe of the bass flute.

Solo Flutes is a result of an assignment for 10 solo compositions from the Dutch Performing Arts Society in 2013.


“An absolute must as it is a real firework in the scanty contemporary music landscape.” (Jassepoes, Belgium)

“It is among the best I have heard this year in terms of musicality and creativity.” (CKUT, USA)

"The word of the‚ new worlds of sound’ usually picked up in the context of contemporary music is quite worn out, but with Lotz it is entitled.” (Neue Zeutschrift für Musik, Germany)

"Sound architect of a different kind!” (Jazz, Portugal)