Farm Fresh //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Seizures Palace, Brooklyn NYC
Recording date: 
Thursday, March 1, 2018
Artwork design: 
Fryd Frydendahl
Artwork design: 
Malwa Grabowska
Artwork design: 
Tomo Jacobson
Executive producer: 
Tomo Jacobson
Mixing engineer: 
Weasel Walter
Recording engineer: 
Jason LaFarge
  • 1. Kulak (03:31)
  • 2. Helvede Sild (03:17)
  • 3. Primurdial (03:05)
  • 4. Farm Fresh (05:11)
  • 5. Waterloo Boy N (04:19)
  • 6. Virgin Lands (03:02)
  • 7. Cow Pigs (04:37)
  • 8. I Am A Little Farmer Girl (04:03)
  • 9. Gone Modern Harvest (03:42)
  • 10. Shepherd Song (02:54)

Maria Faust - alto sax
Tim Dahl - bass
Weasel Walter - drums

A new and adventurous trio unites American and Eastern European experimental music. Saxophonist and composer Maria Faust is best known for her unique sound and from her large groups including Maria Faust Sacrum Facere, Machina, Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe, and In the Beginning (with Kira Skov). Her musical language crisscrosses over different styles, influenced by Estonian folk music and modern classical music, while at the same time presenting a romantic wave of modern experimental jazz music. Shifting focus from her award-winning large groups, this time Faust presents a different kind of a project. The Faust/Dahl/Walter trio is a new and experimental avant-garde constellation - unashamed to express strong emotions and unafraid to explore differences between the musical traditions of American and Eastern European. The group’s sound is a melting pot in which listeners can hear influences from free-jazz, punk, metal, folk, and classical music. All the material is written and arranged by Maria Faust using body memory as a tool for inspiration.

Album reviews: "Faust best defines the session by exposing a cerebral undercurrent in her thought process even as she elongates the exposition with pointed slurs and vibrations." (Ken Waxman - Jazz Word - USA) "Crunchy goodness" 'Tune of the day' : Apr 16, 2019 (Dave Foxal - a Jazz Noise - USA) "A necessary addition to any contemporary jazz library." (Dæv Tremblay - Can this even be called Music? - USA) "Creative artists like Faust, Dahl and Walter are much more than one-trick-ponies." (Eyal Hareuveni - Salt Peanuts - Norway/Israel) "Maria Faust has once again moved herself musically - and does so with excess and restless elegance." (Niels Overgård - Jazz Nyt - Denmark) "A experimental take on orthodox music traditions blended with a hint of heavy metal and free jazz - a deadly combination" (Davide Ingrosso - Sentire Ascoltare - Italy) "Strong not just in terms of musical quality. (...) Something for adults." (Tonis Kahu - Eesti - Ekspress - Estonia) "The fifth gear." (Katariin Raska - Muusika - Estonia)