Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
The Village, Copenhagen
Recording date: 
Saturday, September 1, 2012
Artwork design: 
Tuuli Aule
Artwork design: 
Mastering engineer: 
John Fomsgård
Mixing engineer: 
John Fomsgård
Recording engineer: 
John Fomsgård
  • 1. Rocket Thighs (06:56)
  • 2. City Birds at Night (05:49)
  • 3. Superhero Trauma Center (09:07)
  • 4. Figaro (06:29)
  • 5. Vladimir (07:26)
  • 6. Love is a dog from Hell (03:34)

Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe (MFJC) is a big band that involves 15 musicians from Scandinavia and Baltic countries. The music is written and conducted by Estonian composer and saxophone player Maria Faust, previously known as leader of the bands Maria Faust Group and Pistol Nr. 9.

MFJC is a unique constellation of a modern contemporary big band. It follows the classical big band set up with its instrumental groups but is smaller and includes 2 double basses, tuba and electronics. The music is a development of Maria Faust’s work with new instrumental techniques, minimalist harmony and strong rhythmical figures, uniting fully composed parts with open improvisation.

Reeds: Maria Faust; Lars Greve; Sture Ericson; Henrik Pultz Melbye
Flute/piccolo: Anna Juuliska Nykvist
Trumpets: Tobias Wiklund; Kasper Tranberg
Trombone: Jens Bang
Tuba: Kristian Tangvik
Electronics & voice: Qarin Wikström
Double bass: Adam Pultz Melbye; Niels Bo Davidsen
Guitar: Stephan Sieben
Piano: Morten Pedersen
Drums: Håkon Berre