Less is Less - Music for Flying and Pendulating Speakers //

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Recording date: 
Wednesday, May 1, 2013
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Valerio Tricoli
Mikhail Ershov
Ilia Belorukov
  • 1. Das Temperierte Berner Münster (35:14)
  • 2. Music for Pendulums and Sine Waves in Different Tuning Systems (28:18)

Lucio Capece - soprano saxophone, speakers, objects

Music for Flying and Pendulating Speakers - a new work by Lucio Capece, known primarily for preparing of wind instruments and post-reductionism. Currently he is focusing on a region of perception and sound being in space. In the first of two presented compositions Capece is playing in the cathedral in Bern using speakers flying on balloons, soprano saxophone and the sound of the room itself. The second part of the disс is a piece for speakers as pendulums, moving according to the oscillation phenomena, and analog synthesizer. Filigree work based in acoustic properties of various materials and objects.