Affinis Suite //

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Thomas Hukkelberg in Bekkelaget Church 2009. Produced by Lene Grenager.
  • 1. Attitude (08:16)
  • 2. Duped (07:27)
  • 3. Redolence (06:36)
  • 4. Fumblefumble (07:37)
  • 5. Intermittent Interplay (06:22)
  • 6. Effect Without Cause (15:09)

Lene Grenager and the AFFINIS Ensemble have been close collaborators for more than 10 years. This intimacy between composer and performer is more than present when we hear the musicians beat and breathe life into the scores. The music moves, like the composer, in a landscape juggeling extreme control and total anarchy. On this album improvisation, structure, chaos and order is set into play with a secure hand and a rare form of authority. An ensemble of brilliant chamber musicians working the very musical material that is built around their skill and musical personae makes the Affinis Suite more than a series of commisions. This work is a document of trust in the meeting point between musician, sound, composer and work.

"Attitude (tutti) was the first piece I wrote for the Affinis. Through constant plastic changes in attitude and layer exploration of the material a game consisting of improvisational pockets, strange instrumental correlations and queer dance rhythms occur. Duped (oboe) starts with the oboe solo from Attitude and explores the possibilities of this short stanza. The last part of the piece includes rhythmical patterns that look quite easy but are extremely difficult, hence the title. Redolence (piano,
marimba) sums up the material and functions as a miniature of the whole suite, although each part is merely hinted to in a rather robust manner. Intermittent interplay (tutti) consists of a trio trying tomove forward (sax, trumpet and guitar) and the rest of the ensemble counteracting by repeating a simple cord row. Fumblemumble (bass clarinet) has its onomatopoetic title from the opening statement. The piece starts out with material from Attitude and eventually includes rhythmical patterns from Effect without cause (tutti) which concludes the suite. The title is allegedly a Wagner quote commenting on
Italian opera. " Lene Grenager

Arnulf Johansen • oboe
Lars Hilde • clarinetts
Lars Lien • saxophones
Kari Solheim • trumpet
Thomas Kjekstad • guitar
Teodor Berg • percussion
Jon Helge Sætre • piano