The Tan //

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The best studio in Oslo
Recording date: 
Sunday, September 10, 2006
  • 1. Lasse Marhaug-The Tan (35:21)

Obscurica, USA - 2006


Lasse Marhaug "The Tan" CDR (Obscurica)

One thirty five minute track of solo guitar breakdowns and train wrecks. Lasse Marhaug is fucking insane. He releases some fifty CD's, CDR's, tape's, record's, etc. in a years time, and always seems to keep the quality of the out-put at a really high standard, even for sheer noise. This disc is a guitar and distortion free form workout, and it's seriously bad ass. He makes his guitar sound like a piece of howling sheet metal getting plunked, twacked and generally abused and beaten. Way more like Macronypha's guitar tricks, or Kevin Drumm, or Harry Pussy's "Ride a Dove" then Derrick Bailey, or AMM. He still retains his masterful use of distorted layer as sheer tonal blanket, but has a more responsive playing technique allowed by the guitar as oppossed to just using electrical devices or a laptop. (Machete Mob)