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Gothenburg Museum of Art
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Sunday, February 13, 2011
  • 1. influx (40:03)
  • 2. pensive (10:37)

Lars Larsson - Saxophone
Peeter Uuskyla - Drums
Niclas Rydh - Trombone
David Bäck - Piano and voice

My old friend Anders Berg called me on the phone one day. We talked for an hour about dogs, friends, the weather, and work. During the conversation, he mentioned a recording of mine done at the Gothenburg Museum of Art back in 2010 that I had not listened to for many years.

It was the fine acoustics of the exhibition hall, the great piano and the inspiring surrounding art pieces (by among others Francis Bacon and Andy Warhol) that had created the idea of organizing a number of concerts at the museum.

I gathered a number of guest soloists around a trio called Riverrun that I, pianist/singer David Bäck, and Peeter Uuskyla operated. During the autumn of 2010 and the spring of 2011, we played eight concerts with great musicians as trombone player Niclas Rydh, bassist Nina de Heney, sax players Jonny Wartel and Biggi Vinkeloe, trumpeter Mike Lloyd, and pianist Matti Ollikainen.

Most of the concerts were recorded, and all of them contained unique stretches of completely improvised music.

Afterward, the concert that I listened most to was the one with Rydh, Uuskyla, Bäck.

Therefore it made me very happy that Simlas would release that specific recording. I myself had similar plans back in 2011, but they never came about.
- Lars Larsson 2017

released May 2, 2017

Recorded 13 February 2011 at Gothenburg Museum of Art
Mastered by Simlas
Cover design by Studio DOT