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Recording location: 
Various locations
Recording date: 
Thursday, July 18, 2013
Artwork design: 
Lasse Marhaug
Mastering engineer: 
Christian Obermayer
Mastering engineer: 
Lasse Marhaug
Mastering engineer: 
Bob Weston
Mixing engineer: 
Lasse Marhaug
Mixing engineer: 
Simeon Klein and Michael Hohnstock
Mixing engineer: 
Christian Obermayer
Recording engineer: 
Simeon Klein and Michael Hohnstock
Recording engineer: 
Klaus Ellerhusen Holm
Recording engineer: 
Håkon Dalen
  • 1. Happy Slappy (09:44)
  • 2. Spring Summer (04:04)
  • 3. Ana (13:47)
  • 4. Fendika (13:35)
  • 5. Fortar Hardar (15:50)
  • 6. Culius (11:58)

Thomas Johansson - trumpet
Mats Äleklint - trombone
Per Åke Holmlander - tuba (all except Culius, Fortar Hardar)
Børre Mølstad - tuba (Culius, Fortar Hardar, Ana)
Julie Kjær - alto saxophone, flute (all except Culius, Fortar Hardar)
Kasper Værnes - alto saxophone (Culius, Fortar Hardar)
Klaus Ellerhusen Holm - Bb clarinet, alto and baritone saxophone
Kristoffer Berre Alberts - alto and tenor saxophone (Happy Slappy, Springsummer)
Ketil Gutvik - guitar
Tommi Keränen - electronics (all except Culius, Fortar Hardar)
Lasse Marhaug - electronics and turntable (Culius, Fortar Hardar)
Jon Rune Strøm - electric and double bass
Christian Meaas Svendsen - electric and double bass
Andreas Wildhagen - drums and percussion
Paal Nilssen-Love - drums and percussion
Paulinho Bicolor - cuica (Ana)
Célio De Carvalho - pandeiro (Ana)
Christian Obermayer - live sound

After four years of extensive touring and five albums, of which one was a photo book with two CDs, it's time to look back, but also forward. SELECTED TRACKS 2013-2017 gives the listener a chance to hear the band's continuous development in retrospect. The disc starts off with two tracks from the forthcoming album FLUKU, which will be released in September 2017. First, a kind of game piece where every soloist has to decide on the spot who to accompany them on various given material. Second, a ballad which brings out a new side to Nilssen-Love's writing. "ANA" features an extended version of the band, including two Brazilian percussionists, and shows Nilssen-Love's passion for Brazilian rhythms. "Fendika" was recorded at the band's last concert during their 15 gig tour of North America in 2015 and there's no doubt what those two weeks did to the band. "Fortar Hardar" was recorded at the band's "debut" in Europe, at the famous Moers festival in Germany. An audience of 2000 were thrilled to pieces by the bands energy and strength. "Culius" was recorded at the band's very first concert at Molde Jazzfestival in 2013, after two days of rehearsal out in the woods. Nilssen-Love's immediate conclusion was that this a band and not a project. About 60 concerts later, and following a slight change in the line-up, there's no doubt this will go on!

released February 24, 2017


Tracks 1 and 2 from the forthcoming album Fluku (PNL038).
Track 3 previously released on Ana (PNL033).
Track 4 previously released on 2015 (PNL030).
Track 5 previously released on Erta Ale bonus disc (PNL025).
Track 6 previously released on First Blow (PNL021).

Tracks 1 and 2 recorded 8th April 2016 at Victoria, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo - mixed and mastered by Christian Obermayer.
Track 3 recorded 15th of August 2015 at Rainbow Studio, Oslo - mixed and mastered by Christian Obermayer.
Track 4 recorded live in concert 28th June 2015, Seatte, USA by Klaus Ellerhusen Holm on zoom microphone - mixed and mastered by Lasse Marhaug.
Track 5 recorded live in concert 7th June 2014 at Moers Jazzfestival, Moers, Germany - recorded and mixed by Simeon Klein and Michael Hohnstock - mastered by Bob Weston.
Track 6 recorded live in concert 18th July 2013 at Molde Jazzfestival, Molde - recorded by Håkon Dalen - mixed and mastered by Lasse Marhaug.
All tracks remastered for this CD by Christian Obermayer.
All music by Paal Nilssen-Love (TONO-Cien Fuegos).
Cover design by Lasse Marhaug.
Photo (label) by Petra Cvelbar.
Photo (inner) by Peter Gannushkin
© PNL Records 2017