Quark Bercuse: Solo percussion Vol 1 //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded at "The Basement" New York
Recording date: 
Monday, May 23, 2005
Executive producer: 
Trevor Taylor
Mastering engineer: 
Jon Rosenberg & Kevin Norton
Mixing engineer: 
Jon Rosenberg & Kevin Norton
Recording engineer: 
Jon Rosenberg & Kevin Norton
  • 1. Knots (04:16)
  • 2. Number Nine, Number Nine (05:32)
  • 3. Cutting Across (01:41)
  • 4. Quark Bercuse (10:42)
  • 5. Tradition-Revision-Decision (03:38)
  • 6. Cold Day In May - Newspaper Article About The Dead In Iraq (05:04)
  • 7. User's Guide / Lonie The Loop (15:16)
  • 8. At The Bands Of Charlotte Corday (06:21)
  • 9. Transformed Energy (10:56)
  • 10. Later: Gonzo (01:09)

Kevin Norton - marimba, vibraphone, drums and percussion

This is a brand new solo recording by one of North America's leading percussionists. Indeed, I could say that this music is inspired specifically by three musicians (Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton and Haewon Min), but it is ultimately my music and I take responsibility for it. I've been developing this total percussion in improvised music idea for many years now and I feel that it's been encouraged by people like Anthony (amongst many others). This is an important journey for me and it will continue. Quark Bercuse is a culmination of where the musician has been heading in the last few years and an important platform for Norton's musical research and communication.