I do admire things that are only what they are //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Dexter, Odense, Denmark
Recording date: 
Thursday, May 21, 2015
Artwork design: 
Håkon Berre
Mastering engineer: 
Peter Hellesøe
Mixing engineer: 
Peter Hellesøe
Recording engineer: 
Peter Hellesøe
  • 1. Bigos in Bydgoszcz (06:16)
  • 2. Nye Spor (10:25)
  • 3. Life (10:08)
  • 4. Play or Die (09:52)
  • 5. Hvid (06:58)
  • 6. Vanity (07:50)
  • 7. Vranjo (10:48)

Rudi Mahall, clarinet + bass clarinet
Tomasz Dabrowski, trumpet
Petter Hängsel, trombone
Jens Mikkel Madsen, bass
Kasper Tom, drums + composition

Kasper Tom 5

Drummer and composer Kasper Tom has assembled a group of internationally significant, musicians from the European jazz scene. The band is put together in an attempt to create a new sound of original compositions that require and challenge each musician's individuality and artistic identity. This is the follow up of their 2013-release Ost Bingo Skruer, which received ”honorable mention” in NYC Jazzrecords' Best of 2013-issue.