Post-Biological Wildlife //

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Recording date: 
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Thanks to Sarah-Jane Summers for fiddle, viola and Hardanger fiddle sounds/playing on Vaster Than Empires!!
Artwork design: 
Jonas Sjøvaag
Mastering engineer: 
Helge Sten
Mixing engineer: 
Juhani Silvola
Juhani Silvola
Recording engineer: 
Juhani Silvola
  • 1. Ritualrytmikk (07:12)
  • 2. Machines Of Loving Grace (13:43)
  • 3. Vaster Than Empires (08:10)
  • 4. 20th Century Meditation (04:49)
  • 5. Post-Biological Wildlife (06:29)
  • 6. Speculative Phonography pt.1 (10:16)

Post-Biological Wildlife explores themes circling post-humanism, nature and virtual reality. It questions the role of humanity in the near future, and paints various scenarios without exclusively condemning or glorifying the techno-futuristic vision.

Silvola draws from the rich history of electronic and experimental music, fusing influences from, amongst others, French electro-acoustic composers, Japanese harsh-noise, Finnish minimal techno and C20th chamber music into a distinct voice.

Machines of Loving Grace, borrows its title from a cyber-optimistic poem by Richard Brautigan, but here the optimism of the 60s has definitely faded. Another literary reference, Vaster than Empires is inspired by a story of Ursula Le Guin, and is essentially a piece for a ‘Frankenstein’ orchestra indebted to composers such as Georg Friedrich Haas and Giacinto Scelsi, created exclusively from the sounds of the critically acclaimed violinist Sarah-Jane Summers. The title track Post-Biological Wildlife is a ‘forged’ field recording from the digital future, where nature can no longer be experienced in its unmediated form.