Westering Home //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Tuesday, December 5, 1972
Executive producer: 
(reissue) Trevor Taylor
Executive producer: 
(reissue) Mark Wastell
Mixing engineer: 
Robin Sylvester
Robin Sylvester, Peter Eden, John Surman
Recording engineer: 
Robin Sylvester
  • 1. Mock Orange (04:31)
  • 2. Whirligig (03:43)
  • 3. Jynjyg (05:42)
  • 4. The Druid (07:38)
  • 5. Outside The Scorpion (02:46)
  • 6. Walrus (04:00)
  • 7. Hornpipe (05:52)
  • 8. Watershed (06:05)
  • 9. Rill-A-Ree (06:46)

John Surman: soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass clarient, piano, percussion, synthesizer, organ, melodica, recorder.

John Surman has finally become recognised as an international jazz superstar. Many of his earlier releases however have not been available on CD. We are proud to release the Peter Eden produced ‘Westering Home (originally released on the Turtle imprint)’. From a period when he began experimenting with multitracking and electronics this was his first solo record to be released (a format that John has continued to pursue through his association with ECM). This is a fine example of an artist who has grown into a major voice in contemporary music.