The Inhibitionist //

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009
  • 1. The Inhibitionist (17:33)
  • 2. Substance 33 (11:27)
  • 3. Keepin it Realistic (12:24)

JOE WILLIAMSON – The Inhibitionist

Solo double bass, circa 41 minutes. The opening title track explores a wide range of ill-at-ease sonorities, utilizing all kinds of technique to conjure up a rationally deployed array of fractured growls, corroded rapture and squeaking grease. A few seconds of precious quietness are found between flurrying intensity and plucked reliability, and in the final portion splinters of upper partials and genuine sparkles fly from the spot where horse’s hair and metal meet. “Substance 33” throws a little gasoline on that fire, adding muscle to the performance while starting to affirm a lordship of the lower frequencies – even in the presence of the most absurd types of ionized gesticulation. Williamson sounds like a frantic activist of the nail-on-an-immaculate-car militia, and this is meant as a compliment. His proclivity to tune the instrument to a room’s resonance is definitively affirmed in “Keepin’ It Realistic”, a drone-galore piece that one would define “inevitable” if it didn’t sound so good. The splendid tone of the bass is akin to the voice of a oversized sage: he may suggest profound truths that we’ve inexorably identified years earlier, but the bliss experienced in listening to them again remains unequalled.