• 1. SKIVE (19:30)
  • 2. WAG (17:41)



Jim Denley and Dutch musician Cor Fuhler first met at the Taklos Festival in Switzerland in the early 1990s and Cor’s frequent visits to Australia over the years gave them the opportunity to occasionally play. In 2012 Cor moved to Sydney, allowing them to ramp up the duo — this is their first release together.

Over 7 weeks at the end of 2013 they recorded weekly in Cor's backyard studio, eventually choosing take 9 and 12, titling them Skive and Wag.

The imaginative preparations and inventions utilised mean that listeners will find it hard to believe they are playing saxophone and piano, and at times, be unable to distinguish between the two players. They don’t accept clichés about instrumental notions and fashionable schools (new and old).

But Truancy isn’t just about avoidance, rather, time away from institutions has been devoted to generating new sounds and structures.

Album label: 
Release date: 
01.11 / 2014
Recording date: 
12.12 / 2013
Recording location: 
Warawee Conunrum studios
Artwork design : Mij Yelned
Mastering engineer : Jim Denley
Mixing engineer : Jim Denley and Cor Fuhler
Producer : Jim Denley
Recording engineer : Cor Fuhler and Jim Denley

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