Serendipity //

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Release date: 
Recording location: 
Parkwest studios
Recording date: 
Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Mastering technician: 
Jim Clouse
Mixing technician: 
Jim Clouse
Recording technician: 
Jim Clouse
  • 1. Serendipity (43:07)

Bass – William Parker
Drums – Gerald Cleaver
Piano – Matthew Shipp
Tenor Saxophone – Ivo Perelman

This session came about because Perelman experienced he calles a “happy mistake.” Planning a trio date with Shipp and Cleaver, one of those two ran late and couldn’t reach the studio. Perelman dialed up his old friend and past collaborator Parker to fill in the unexpected void, but when the “no-show” showed up anyway, the trio date became a quartet one. Perelman has his own word to describe this: serendipity.

Press quotes:
"..supreme..brilliant..passionate abstractionist, Ivo's playing reconcile the emotional charge with technical agility and intellectual sophistication with a rare grace" Free Jazz Alchemist. "One of the most distinctive and imposing tenor sax voices to come along in years." DownBeat. "...nothing less than miraculous... no one in the USA is playing and composing jazz with as much cross-cultural imagination as Mr. Perelman... a vital contribution to jazz history..." Norman Weinstein. "Ivo's virtuosity and individual sound tremendously lyrical has created a world within the Avant-garde that is all his own, unlike of anybody else." Gary Giddins