Traces des Moments //

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Funkhaus, Köln
Recording date: 
Sunday, April 2, 2006
Harry Vogt, Barbara Fränzen, Peter Oswald
  • 1. Dufay-Bearbeitungen: I. Pour ce que veoir je ne puis (03:34)
  • 2. Dufay-Bearbeitungen: II. Se la face ay pale (03:35)
  • 3. Dufay-Bearbeitungen: III. Helas mon deuil (05:10)
  • 4. Traces des Moments: 01 (04:29)
  • 5. Traces des Moments: 02 (04:28)
  • 6. Traces des Moments: 03 (03:01)
  • 7. Dufay-Bearbeitungen: IV. Mon bien m'amour (04:54)
  • 8. Dufay-Bearbeitungen: V. Ce jour de l'an voudray joye mener (03:11)
  • 9. Dufay-Bearbeitungen: VI. Or pleust a dieu qu'a son plaisir (05:23)
  • 10. Sandschleifen (13:09)
  • 11. Dufay-Bearbeitungen: VII. Entre les plus plaines danoy (05:16)

Isabel Mundry / Ensemble Recherche

Isabel's music doesn't evade making the process of its genesis audible, if not the doubts and hesitations during composition, then the traces of ways of deciding, which in their complexity form the special identity of her world of sound. We are not dealing with constructed music, triumphant algorithms conjuring up at any cost the plummet of incontestable certainties. On the contrary this is about the constant invention of certitudes to which the music lends its ear in coming into being, which accepts that a brief-sounding space of time can convey a vaster space of time and its decisions, and bring forth just that unique music adapted to the context of history - our history.
(Brice Pauset)