innlaandds //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Saturday, January 1, 2000
Artwork design: 
Michel Wintsch
Mastering engineer: 
Benoit Piccand
Mixing engineer: 
Michel Wintsch
Mixing engineer: 
Benoit Piccand
Recording engineer: 
Benoit Piccand
  • 1. Keinmal ist einmal (05:09)
  • 2. A castle of castles (07:39)
  • 3. Skyline (05:00)
  • 4. Room 237 (04:40)
  • 5. Silent stays (05:31)
  • 6. Lapin (05:17)
  • 7. The victory of the matter (02:41)
  • 8. Blue mist (07:02)

Michel Wintsch: piano, synthesizers
Raphaël Ortis: bass
Bernard Trontin: drums
Antoine Läng: vocals

Blending compositions and improvisations structured around texts INNLAANDDS spread their music invoking the world of dreams, its meanders, paradoxes and emotional fluctuations, through a meshing of pop songs, electro-acoustic textures and wild rock blasts. Building on the multiple tensions between interactive and parallel field developments, simple lines overlap and outline through musical progressions a geography that abolishes borders between writing and free sonic exploration.

Lyrics: Antoine Läng
Composition. Michel Wintsch
Arrangement: innlaandds

Recorded and mastered by Benoit Piccand
Mixed by Michel Wintsch and Benoit Piccand
Cover by Michel Wintsch

Published by WideEarRecords