Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Alte Gerberei, St. Anton in Tirol, Austria
Recording date: 
Monday, June 6, 2016
Elena would like to dedicate this album to her father.Ingrid dedicates this music to deep female friendships, the women from the mountains, to Nieves, Marlene, Marlies, Elena and to her mother. Special thanks to Karin, Cornelia and Hans, Charles, Alex and Wendelin.
Artwork design: 
Wendelin Büchler
Mastering engineer: 
Alexander Yannilos
Mixing engineer: 
Alexander Yannilos
Recording engineer: 
Charles Wienand
  • 1. To Be Given Up (13:32)
  • 2. Frau Im Berg (08:10)
  • 3. Goldgefüllter Lippenrand (05:08)
  • 4. Schlangenfrau (06:23)
  • 5. Nabelóse (10:30)

Ingrid Schmoliner - Prepared Piano, Vocals
Elena Kakaliagou - French Horn, Vocals

"Whispering, Drones, Whiches and a Funeral March…"

Corvo Records' new release NABELÓSE shows Austrian prepared piano virtuoso and yodeler INGRID SCHMOLINER and the french horn player ELENA KAKALIAGOU from Greece, putting their hands and voices on traditional folk music from both countries. Ingrid Schmoliner is teaming up with Zeitkratzer member Elena Kakaliagou and they form a Duo that creates dark interpretations of ancient songs and tales from mountains and the sea.
The LP comes with download code and in lavish gatefold cover!
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„I would call it delicate, but it‘s the delicacy of a very still lake at night, with ripples only barely audible along the shore, and there‘s no light so you can‘t completely differentiate the horizon and the water. And there‘s an ancient myth monster that sleeps in the lake. (...)" - Andrew Choate