Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Friday, September 5, 2014
"Let's Toast!" is dedicated to our friend Eirik Tofte
Artwork design: 
Magnus Nergaard
Mastering engineer: 
Lasse Marhaug
Mixing engineer: 
Lasse Marhaug
  • 1. Endless Bovis (13:29)
  • 2. Cream Corn Wand (05:26)
  • 3. Star City (11:41)
  • 4. Live And Let Live (05:08)
  • 5. Let's Toast! (04:52)

A year has passed since ICH BIN N!NTENDO’s debut release with Mats Gustafsson in october 2012, and the worries of being sued by the Nintendo Corporation has settled. LOOK is about dirty old computers, screens flashing, music so compact it becomes visual. It is about context and the connection between random elements. It is also a mockery of conceptual art and banal music. Ironically, it might end up becoming just that.

ICH BIN N!NTENDO is a purely improvised trio with drums, bass and guitar. Founded in 2010 the three members continue to push their own and the listeners boundaries with their music. Since the start the aim has been to investigate different layers of musical expressions such as noise, punk and grindcore, and apply them in formless structures and improvised compositions.