flowers you can eat //

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Recording date: 
Sunday, March 14, 2004
Artwork design: 
Axel Haller
  • 1. oberfläche (05:27)
  • 2. moto (04:33)
  • 3. wintermusik (04:25)
  • 4. kein stern (03:01)
  • 5. sleepy lady (13:49)
  • 6. shiny (06:58)

Michael Thieke - clarinet, alto saxophone, zither
Dave Bennett - guitar
Derek Shirley - bass

"This trio presents a kind of more humane and warm improvisation, which makes this one of the most enjoyable works in the field of free-form music that I've listened to lately. The trio's interaction is quite typically based on the juxtaposition of microscopic, pebble-like fragments and restrained gestures, but also on a fuller, more droning mass of sound, thanks to the use of e-bows and sustained wind playing. This gives birth to remarkable pieces like "Wintermusik", "Shiny" or the tour-de-force of "Sleepy lady", easily the most captivating track of the cd, where a jangling guitar, a discreet bass and what sounds like (but is probably not) looped electronics, create a wonderful suspended soundscape. In its cohesiveness and variety of inputs, this is a cd to be listened to many times."

Chain D.L.K. (Italy)