Mouvement ( - vor der Erstarrung) //

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Saturday, February 14, 1998
Harry Vogt, Barbara Fränzen, Peter Oswald
  • 1. Mouvement (- vor der Erstarrung) (22:37)
  • 2. “…zwei Gefühle…”, Musik mit Leonardo (22:58)
  • 3. Consolation I (08:41)
  • 4. Consolation II (05:39)

Helmut Lachenmann / Klangforum Wien / Hans Zender / Schola Heidelberg / Ensemble Aisthesis / Walter Nußbaum

Lachenmann chose a text by Leonardo da Vinci:"...but when I had remained silent for a fairly long time, all at once two feelings awoke in me. Fear and desire. Fear of the cave's looming darkness, but the desire to see with my own eyes what marvels may lie within..." and there are many marvels to discover on this exceptional recording.

New York Times:
Here the instruments of a mixed ensemble are more often used in unconventional ways: there are a lot of whirrings, scrapings, knocks and breathings. But not only are these noises beatifully made in themselves (and beautifully played, by Klangforum Wien under the direction of Hans Zender); they also add up to a bracing musical design.