Cassava Balls //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded live during "PRAXIS '85" festival, at Orpheus Theater, Athens, Greece
Recording date: 
Wednesday, May 8, 1985
Artwork design: 
Lora Denis
Recording engineer: 
George Ergomenides
  • 1. Patriotic Poem Number One Forty Years After (07:26)
  • 2. Sawasawa (06:44)
  • 3. Races Places Faces And Asses (08:07)
  • 4. Mohawk (04:35)
  • 5. Mothers (04:51)
  • 6. Marconison (11:14)
  • 7. Cassava Snake One Pot (06:46)
  • 8. Mikel Black (06:16)
  • 9. Rosty Metal (08:37)

Drums, Bongos, Congas, Talking Drum, Conche, Bells, Saka, Bird Calls, Oooting, Voice – Famoudou Don Moye

Piano, Piano Prepared, Gongs, Peking Opera Gongs, Angklung, Whistles, Bells, Afghan Monkey Drums, Swarmandel, Claves, Wood Blocks, Temple Blocks, Maracas, Rattles, Mokattam Pot Rattles, Agogô, Wether Bell, Elephant Bell, Castanets, Shortwave Radios, Tibetan Horn, Chinkas, Boochals, Balloons, Water Basin, Zummarah, Singin Tube, Ooting, Voice – Hartmut Geerken

Tenor Saxophone, Percussion, Hand Clapping, Ooting, Voice – John Tchicai

This CD comprises nine compositions including three previously unissued bonus tracks, documenting the live performance of the trio at the Praxis '85 festival in Athens