june 16th //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Loft, Cologne
Recording date: 
Saturday, June 16, 2012
Mastering engineer: 
Markus Braun
Mixing engineer: 
Carl Ludwig Hübsch
Mixing engineer: 
Philip Zoubek
Recording engineer: 
Stefan Deistler
  • 1. introibo ad altare dei (05:07)
  • 2. rrrpr. kraa. kraandl. (06:56)
  • 3. tap (16:25)
  • 4. coin rang. clock clacked. (07:39)
  • 5. bestir thyself, sirrah! (07:28)

Carl Ludwig Hübsch - tuba, objects
Pierre-Yves Martel - viola da gamba, objects
Philip Zoubek - piano

all tracks composed by hübsch, martel, zoubek

"I love to see Quebecers export themselves on the avant-music scene. The German label schraum doesn’t release much, but its productions are consistently of very high quality. Philippe Lauzier has already a CD with them, and now his accomplice Pierre-Yves Martel does too. Martel here plays viola da gamba and objects in a free improvisation session recorded in 2012 at The Loft in Cologne, with tuba player Carl Ludwig Hübsch (also using objects) and pianist Philip Zoubek. Five rather quiet pieces, full of fine moments of tension, delicate surprises, bold sonic gestures carefully placed within the ensemble, in search of a tangible balance that is never taken for granted. Gorgeous."

Francois Couture (Canada)