Live in Madrid //

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Recorded live at the Hurta Cordel Festival, La Casa Encendida, Madrid/Spain
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012
  • 1. Part I (17:29)
  • 2. Part IIa (19:14)
  • 3. Part IIb (14:48)

Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Frank Paul Schubert
Drums, Remote Piano – Willi Kellers
Electric Guitar, Devices – Andreas Willers
Trombone – Johannes Bauer

This live recording forms a rich, highly accomplished, unexpected and multi-dimensional profile of contemporary improvisation. The combination of high level technical abilities and the 'live' setting mean that the precedence of real-time decision-making becomes further informed by the musician/audience relationship. Key to this music's success is the ensemble approach.