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Recorded June 20, 2009 at Tonart/Loft, Cologne
Recording date: 
Saturday, June 20, 2009
Mixing engineer: 
Niklas Schmincke
Trevor Taylor
Recording engineer: 
Christian Heck
  • 1. Shiva attempting to board (05:48)
  • 2. The Newt (06:34)
  • 3. Polar Pecker, Artic Arno (04:33)
  • 4. 51° 17'N, 30° 13'E (04:40)
  • 5. Wooden Space (11:49)
  • 6. The Batrachian (06:42)
  • 7. Wendehals (01:11)
  • 8. Watertown, waiting (07:56)
  • 9. Cubes (07:00)

Frank Paul Schubert - alto and soprano sax
Andreas Wilers - electric guitar, devices
Rudi Fischerlehner - drums and percussion

The Trio Grid Mesh performs suspenseful, multi-dimensional improvised music with a fascinating blend of acoustic and electric sounds. It's an energetic, subtle and intelligent musical trip on which the development of ideas and the interplay of these masterful musicians are equally impressive as their command of a modern, biting jazz language. This stands effectively alongside more abstract, fragile structures and massively archaic walls of sound that even can knock back into irony. Thus a band sound is revealed that can truely be termed as "21st century improv music".