The Word For It Is Now //

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Recording location: 
Track 1 recorded live at GIOFest VIII, at CCA Glascow, Scotland, in November 2015.Track 2 recorded live at GIOFest VI, at CCA Glascow, Scotland, in November 2013.Track 3 recorded in November 2013.
Recording date: 
Monday, November 11, 2013
Mastering engineer: 
Owen Green
Owen Green & Greame Wilson
  • 1. A Bit In The Air (25:17)
  • 2. A Peculiar Slumber I: From Whichever Angle (15:54)
  • 3. A Peculiar Slumber II: Near & Remote (02:41)
  • 4. A Peculiar Slumber II: Near & Remote (02:02)
  • 5. A Peculiar Slumber II: Near & Remote (04:09)
  • 6. A Peculiar Slumber II: Near & Remote (03:33)
  • 7. A Peculiar Slumber II: Near & Remote (03:11)

Maggie Nicols-voice
Cliona Cassidy-voice
Lindsay Duncanson-voice
Cath Keay-voice
Nicola MacDonald-voice
Marek Gabrysch-ceramic sculpture
Rick Bamford-ceramic sculpture, drums, percussion
Stuart Brown-ceramic sculpture, drums, percussion
Una MacGlone-ceramic sculpture
Fritz Welch-ceramic sculpture
Marilyn Crispell-piano
Franzaska Schroeder-soprano saxophone
Raymond MacDonald-alto saxophone
Jim McEwan-tenro saxophone
Sue McKenzie-baritone saxophone
Emma Roche-flute
Robert Henderson-trumpet
Sam Beagles-bass trombone
Ken Slaven-violin, other
Atzi Muramatsu-cello
Armin Strum-double bass
Owen Green-electronics
Gerry Rossi-electronics
Adam Linson-electronics
George Burt-guitar
Neil Davidson-guitar
Kyalo Searle Mbullu-guitar
Catriona McKay-clarsach
Sarah Gail Brand-trombone
Chris Barclay-trombone
Nicole McNeilly-trombone
Gino Robair-drums, percussion
Arnaud Riviere-electronics
Johanna Varner-cello
Peter Nicholson-cello
Andy Champion-double bass
Una MacGlo-double bass
Nikki Moran-viola
Liene Rozite-flute
Sue McKenzie-soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone
Graeme Wilson-tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
Jim McEwan-keyboard

"Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra is a large improvising ensemble of around 20 musicians from diverse artistic backgrounds ranging from free improvisation, jazz, classical, folk, pop, experimental musics and performance art. Since its inaugural project in 2002 the Orchestra has established an international reputation and garnered critical acclaim for its innovative projects and its exploration of improvised music. A host of collaborations with world renowned improvisers and other ensembles have expanded the band's artistic horizons and given rise to musical connections throughout the world. To date they have released six CDs.

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra perform in venues around the UK and Europe and have now established their own annual festival in Glasgow which provides a platform for improvising musicians and artists. Alongside their composing, recording and performing activities they are committed to an ongoing programme of education and outreach activities including workshops, lectures and master classes."

Recordings from the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra Festival in Scotland recorded in 2013 & 2015, the orchestra blending acoustic, electronic and vocal instruments into incredibly diverse and rich compositions, here presenting "A Peculiar Slumber" I & II, and the impressive and large work "A Bit in the Air", both exploring words and loss of control.