Be In Today //

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Recording date: 
Saturday, January 1, 2000
  • 1. Just Keep Running (Feat. Mike Walker) (09:11)
  • 2. Ballad Of The Unnoticed (09:16)
  • 3. Over The Edge (Feat. Gustavo C.M.) (05:25)
  • 4. Reflections (Feat. David Swan and Neil Birse) (06:33)
  • 5. Be In Today (05:44)
  • 6. Romance (Feat. Crawford Mack) (07:37)
  • 7. A Case Of You (Feat. Liane Carroll and Tom Richards) (07:59)

Flute 1 - Emma Kenrick
Flute 2/Alto Flute - Camille Curtis
Clarinet 1 - Livia Frankish
Clarinet 2 - Tommy Andrews

Alto Sax 1/Soprano Sax - Rachel Kerry
Alto Sax 2 - Daniel McConkey
Tenor Sax 1 - Sam Knight
Tenor Sax 2 - Matt Grenz
Bass Clarinet - Gustavo Clayton Marucci

Trumpet, Flugelhorn 1 - Toby Brazier
Trumpet, Flugelhorn 2 - Ewan Gilchrist
Trumpet, Flugelhorn 3 - Magnus Pickering
Trumpet, Flugelhorn 4 - Finn Bradley

Trombone 1 - Tom Dunnett
Trombone 2 - Ed Parr
Trombone 3 - Chris Saunders
Bass Trombone/Tuba - Adam Crighton

Rhythm Section:
Piano/Synth/Hammond - David Swan
Piano/Synth/Hammond/Co-Producer - Neil Birse
Electric/Upright Bass - Marcus Pritchard
Electric/Acoustic Guitar - James Maltby
Drums - Boz Martin-Jones

Cello - Dan Benn

Special Guests:
Electric Guitar (track 1) - Mike Walker
Voice (track 7) - Liane Carroll
Soprano Sax (track 7) - Tom Richards

Just Keep Running - Tenor Sax- Sam Knight, Electric Guitar- Mike Walker, Drums- Boz Martin-Jones, Vocals- Rosie Bullen
Ballad Of The Unnoticed - Soprano Sax- Rachel Kerry, Flugel- Finn Bradley
Over The Edge - Bass Clarinet- Gustavo Clayton Marucci, Tenor Sax- Matt Grenz
Be In Today - Flugel- Ewan Gilchrist, Alto Sax- Daniel McConkey, Bass Clarinet- Gustavo Clayton Marucci
Romance - Flugel- Magnus Pickering, Electric Guitar- James Maltby, Voice- Crawford Mack
A Case Of You - Soprano Sax- Tom Richards

Strings programmed by Evan Jolly Music LTD

Recorded and Mixed at Fish Factory Studios
Produced by Giles Thornton and Neil Birse
Engineered by Ben Lamdin
Mixed by Ben Lambdin, Neil Birse and Giles Thornton
Mastered by Peter Beckmann at Technology Works LTD
Produced for FMR by Trevor Taylor
Artwork by Ben Cornhill
Additional layout Ewan Rigg


This has been an incredibly ambitious and rewarding project, which has involved a lot of people. I am truly grateful for their hard work.
Thank you to all who pledged in my crowdfunding campaign. With your help, I was able to create the album, that I wanted to make.
Thank you to Tom Richardson, who was a huge mentor throughout the creative process. Thank you to Neil Birse, who helped me produce and kept me sane. Thank you to Ben Lamdin for engineering the recording and advising me throughout. Thank you to Peter Beckmann at TechnologyWorksLTD for mastering the album. Thank you to my parents for their support. Finally, a massive thank you to all the musicians who played and sung on the record- it was truly overwhelming to hear them play and sing so beautifully.

I hope you enjoy listening to the album, as much as I did creating it!