Arne Nordheim Complete Accordion Works //

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  • 1. Spur - For Solo Accordion And Orchestra (26:18)
  • 2. I (02:14)
  • 3. II (01:11)
  • 4. III (02:08)
  • 5. IV (01:27)
  • 6. V (01:33)
  • 7. VI (02:13)
  • 8. Dinosauros - For Accordion And Tape (09:42)
  • 9. Flashing - For Solo Accordion (10:46)

Spur - concerto for accordion and orchestra · Dinosauros · Signals · Flashing

Frode Haltli, accordion · Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen, percussion · Raoul Björkenheim, el. guitar · Norwegian Radio Orchestra · Christian Eggen, conductor

Accordionist Frode Haltli is held in the highest regard world wide for his innovative work over the past 10 years, including several successful albums in the ECM catalogue. On his new release Frode Haltli presents the first recording ever of the complete works for accordion by his fellow countryman and musical explorer: Arne Nordheim. Through his music he redefined what the accordion can be, evoking both the organic as well as the near-electronic soundscape that this instrument is capable of.

The Nordheim oeuvre for accordion belongs to the standard of the international repertoire for the instrument, but has never been presented as a whole - until now. Frode Haltli's musical instincts and instrumental finesse goes directly to the core of Nordheim's modernistic/romantic idiom.

«If I can write a piece for aquarium?», Arne Nordheim exclaimed
This story was told by the legendary Danish accordinonist Mogens Ellegaard, after having approached Nordheim on a bad phone line in 1967. His invitation, after the initial misunderstanding had been cleared, resulted in Nordheim's first work for accordion. All in all he wrote five pieces, all of them associated with Ellegaard. In fact Ellegaard also contributes on this recording also, as it is his playing we hear on the tape track for Dinosauros.

Open for interpretations
Haltli describes in the liner notes how he finds Nordheim's scores very open for interpretation, particularly the original manuscripts. Together with Christian Eggen and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra he has recorded a haunting version of the Spur concerto. The trio Signals also features the phenomenal guitarist Raul Björkenheim and percussionist Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen.

Release date: 09.11.2012