On Reade Street (with William Parker and Hamid Drake) //

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Recorded At Piano Magic, New York
Recording date: 
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Frode Gjerstad
Recording engineer: 
Frode Gjerstad
  • 1. The Street (21:42)
  • 2. The Houses (11:20)
  • 3. The People (23:58)

Frode Gjerstad - Alto sax, Bb clarinet
William Parker - Bass
Hamid Drake - Drums

Hamid, William and I have made 3 records prior to this one.”Remember to forget” and “Ultima” were recorded during our first Scandinavian tour in October 1997. “The other side” was a studio recording from Chicago during our North-American tour in January 2000. And “On Reade Street” was recorded in New York, January 2006. Hamid and William are two very nice people who also play their music very well. I think my fascination for their art partly lies in the fact that they have played a lot together. They have a certain thing they bring to the table and it´s quite a challenge both to go with it and also to go against it because it´s a very strong thing and it´s very personal. They will sometimes invite me into territories that I normally stay away from – the jazz thing. To me, this is both frightening and exciting. I feel like walking on the edge with one foot in open air!

Frode Gjerstad