The Houdan //

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Recorded live at the Kongsberg Jazzfestival, in Kongsberg Norway
Recording date: 
Thursday, July 6, 2017
Trevor Taylor
  • 1. The Houdan (19:58)
  • 2. The Orpington (08:28)
  • 3. The Frizzle (05:54)
  • 4. The Favorelle (04:16)

Frode Gjerstad - alto saxophone
Fred Lonberg Holm - cello, electronics

"I have always enjoyed playing with Fred. From the first quartet with two cellos and drums (The Cello Quartet) via the quartet VCDC and some more ad hoc combinations, to just the two of us. We have done two recordings so far on FMR.

What we have here is a concert we did at the Kongsberg Jazzfestival on July 6th in 2017. This is the complete concert except a few seconds that we had to remove because of some nasty digital clicks.

There are some other clicks, however, that we did not remove because they are in a way part of the performance - it's the sound of Fred's foot pedals, where he is bringing in or taking out one of his boxes. For me, the way he is using electronics is perfect: it's always in combination with his acoustic sound and I find it really inspiring to be playing along with his big palette of ever changing, very dynamic sounds.

In the years to come I hope we will be able to have our little meetings to continue our journey together."-Frode Gjerstad