Drummin' Chicago //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, USA, mixed & mastered at Andy's Flat, Zürich, Switzerland
Recording date: 
Tuesday, January 7, 2003
Executive producer: 
Trevor Taylor
Mastering engineer: 
Andy Neresheimer, Fredy Studer
Mixing engineer: 
Andy Neresheimer, Fredy Studer
Fredy Studer
Recording engineer: 
Peter Wenger, Zeljko Mc Mullen
  • 1. North Damen Trance (12:04)
  • 2. Drummin' Chicago (02:17)
  • 3. Empty Bottle Flow (08:37)
  • 4. Prima Materia (04:09)
  • 5. Six Hands (10:12)
  • 6. Blue Elbow (05:22)
  • 7. Candlestick Whistle (01:40)
  • 8. Three Voices (03:53)
  • 9. Movement On Skin (06:30)

Michael Zerang - Drums, Cymbal [Cymbals], Gong [Gongs], Percussion [Metal], Goblet Drum [Darabuka], Zither, Tambourine, Whistle [Whistles], Bells, Percussion [Multiple Percussion]
Hamid Drake - Drums, Cymbal [Cymbals], Gong [Gongs], Percussion [Metal], Percussion [Multiple Percussion], concept
Fredy Studer - Drums, Cymbal [Cymbals], Percussion [Metal], Frame Drum, Tabla, Percussion [Multiple Percussion]

This recording in Chicago while Fredy Studer had a residency took place over the course of one day and night, and covers an enormous breadth of stylistic terrain, from heavy textural improvising to deep and inventive grooves. In some places, the three musicians contribute in extremely different and readily audible ways, while elsewhere their personalities merge into a startling group sound. From Zerang's amazing friction-percussion on snare drum, through Studer's other-worldly evocations on a giant gong, played with a mallet that's outfitted with a superball on its end, to Drake's infectious reggae rhythm on drum-kit (and this is just on track one!!) John Corbett