Temple Of The Ancient Magical Presence //

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1 - recorded in 2000. 2 - recorded in 1972 - Ovary Lodge out-take (solo). 3 - recorded in concert on 11 February 1972 at the Royal Commonwealth Society, London; full version later released on For The Love Of.... 4 - recorded on 27 May 2000 at LMC Festi
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Thursday, January 15, 1970
Trevor Taylor
  • 1. Solo: Temple Of The Ancient Magical Presence (12:47)
  • 2. Wedged Into Release (03:25)
  • 3. For The Love Of... duo with Evan Parker (17:52)
  • 4. Corner Shop Meeting trio with David Toop, Jin Hi Kim (11:19)
  • 5. Vegetarian Please - Was It Them Or Was It Me? Trio with Paul Lovens, Paul Lytton (13:17)
  • 6. Majestic (a) A Warm Glow - Ask The Fire (b) Towards The Shining Light trio with Roy Babbington Keith Tippett (06:27)
  • 7. Mountain Mysteries trio with Chas H. Dickie Cathy Stevens (01:58)
  • 8. Time For Quick One (- You've Got The Date, I Guess? - If I've Got The Time...Right) duo with Trevor Taylor (11:38)

Frank Perry - Percussion

Although not seen often on the concert platform Frank Perry has been busy for 30 years building an enviable reputation for producing a totally original musical output based on his spiritual beliefs utilising his awesome all metallic percussion setup using gongs, temple bowls and a host of ancient percussion instruments, some over 600 years old! Here he presents some new and some old unreleased recordings of solos, duos and trios featuring world famous musicians such as Evan Parker, David Toop, Paul Lytton, Paul Lovens, Jin Hi Kim, Keith Tippett, Roy Babbington and Trevor Taylor.