Drums of Days //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Firehouse Space, Brooklyn
Recording date: 
Sunday, June 22, 2014
Mastering engineer: 
Nate Wood
Mixing engineer: 
Eivind Opsvik
Recording engineer: 
Jonathan Goldberger
  • 1. Drums of Days I (08:40)
  • 2. Morsel! (01:28)
  • 3. Dream Trea (02:13)
  • 4. Aching Arches (16:38)
  • 5. Sensitive Chaos I (02:17)
  • 6. Sensitive Chaos II (01:56)
  • 7. Sensitive Chaos III (01:28)
  • 8. Field, Sound (06:33)
  • 9. Vrompi Tsal (03:30)
  • 10. Drums of Days II (09:24)
  • 11. Ives (07:43)

Todd Neufeld - acoustic guitar
Eivind Opsvik - double bass
Flin van Hemmen - piano, drums
Tenor and soprano saxophones on Morsel!: Tony Malaby
Poem on Aching Arches: ‘Tide’ by Eliot Cardinaux

For his debut as a leader Flin van Hemmen presents a hauntingly beautiful album of compositions and improvisations that draw inspiration from a wide array of sources ranging from Romanticism to Minimalism. The use of poetry, post-production and field recordings add vivid visual and spacial dimensions, all contributing to the cinematic quality of the album.

"Thank you to everyone and everything that has opened my heart and ears to the splendor that is music, art, life. Our ability to appreciate such soulful abstractions calls us to take part in its creative evolution. Once unlocked, the yearning to create won't let loose. I humbly offer 'Drums Of Days' with unequalled excitement." - Flin van Hemmen