High Fidelity //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Le Luisant, Germigny l’Exempt, France
Recording date: 
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
  • 1. High Fidelity (05:08)
  • 2. Wa Wa (03:14)
  • 3. Grrrr (01:25)
  • 4. Ya ya (04:01)
  • 5. Average person steps (02:53)
  • 6. Blues part 1 (03:22)
  • 7. Blues part 2 (02:03)
  • 8. Blues part 3 (04:01)
  • 9. Le temps pour demain (03:46)

Fidel Fourneyron – solo trombone

Listening to a soloist means sharing a musician's intimacy for a little while, feeling the slightest intention, hearing every single breath. Fidel's trombone opens up to you, it sings and blows, bawls, screams and stops, gasps, mumbles and babbles ...
High Fidelity is not an improvised music record. As Fidel Fourneyron is very much concerned about the way music can tell a story, he has thus chosen to deliver a chiseled album devoid of all superfluous chatter. It is a series where each miniature — born from one sound, one gesture, one precise idea — becomes an exciting playground. The constraints of monophony, as well as the limitations of the instrument, lead the improviser to focus, choose his actions carefully and be crystal clear about his intentions. In concert, Fidel follows the same logic and continues to articulate his idiomatic way of playing, progressively taking liberties with the space he has built for himself.
High Fidelity was produced by Nicolas Sandret