Deuxième Volet //

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Recording location: 
Studio 106 of Radio France, Conservatoire Départemental de Grand Couronne
Recording date: 
Tuesday, January 13, 2015
  • 1. Con Moto (02:13)
  • 2. In Aquam Variation (02:41)
  • 3. Flüster(n) (01:21)
  • 4. Strettes (01:36)
  • 5. Choral (Prise 1) (02:12)
  • 6. Maillages (07:35)
  • 7. Macrolude (06:02)
  • 8. Toupie (00:44)
  • 9. Marée (06:58)
  • 10. Retour du Rouet (00:54)
  • 11. Choral (Prise 2) (03:04)

Eve Risser – Piano
Joris Rühl – Clarinet
Amaryllis Billet – Violin
Toma Gouband - Percussion

We are happy to present the second part of the Fenêtre Ovale project. After a fist well-received record which brought together composer Karl Naegelen and improvisers Eve Risser and Joris Rühl, the group expands with the arrival of percussionist Toma Gouband and violinist Amaryllis Billet. Thanks to these new sound possibilities, the musicians on this new volume extend and deepen their meticulous quest for an acoustic alchimy, changing a violin, clarinet, piano and percussion into a starling’s flght, flid mechanics, a troglodyte temple, gold, or lead. Mystical, trivial, fiely carved, the music takes shape through the tension between the strict precision of writing and the exciting fragilty of the musicians’ playing, which Karl Naegelen carefully included in his partition.
Among the twelve tracks featured on this project, fie miniatures form a coherent subset, initiated by a request by France Musique’ radio show Alla Breve.