Sense //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
at Sjøbygda Kunstnarhus og Selbu Kirke
Recording date: 
Friday, January 22, 2010
Recording technician: 
Stian Westerhus
Eldbjørg Raknes and Stian Westerhus
  • 1. Close To - 1 (01:05)
  • 2. Close To - 2 (05:22)
  • 3. Close To - 3 (07:17)
  • 4. Close To - 4 (02:22)
  • 5. Close To - 5 (03:56)
  • 6. Far From -1 (01:18)
  • 7. Far From -2 (01:41)
  • 8. Far From -3 (01:50)
  • 9. Far From -4 (01:22)
  • 10. Far From -5 (02:17)
  • 11. All Right, Alive (06:42)

An important focus for Eldbjørg in the last couple of years has been ROOMS; the surroundings for sonic meeting points – and how physical rooms affect sound, meeting, music, reception and performance. She has performed her music in such varied rooms as a stone cave on the Otrøya, a closed-down water work in Finland, an active fire station in Lensvika, a festival tent for 1000 in Belgium, a jazz club in Berlin, concert halls in France, a pre-communist philharmonic hall in Ukraine, a theatre on a Chilean bridge, on a top leader’s conference in the cathedral Nidarosdomen, for children in Porto and Brønnøysund... Summer of 2010: from a paraglider in the air above Voss and in a rafting river, during Ekstremsportveko at Voss, with Bobby Mc Ferrin in Molde domkirke, in the woods at dark in Sjøbygda, at Pstereo at Marinen, Trondheim for thousands of children and for His Majesty the King and others at the opening concert of the Bjørnson Festival.

The album SENSE is also characterized by this focus on rooms. The recordings were made at Eggaodden school, Sjøbygda Artist Residency, in a relatively small wooden room from 1893 – and in Selbu church one month later, in a large stone room, in winter.

On this second SOLO-CD, SENSE, the lyrics are improvised and allowed to develop along with the musical processes. Sounds develop into words developing into sounds developing into words developing into sentences developing from words... like she did for the first time on her last album «from frozen feet heat came” (2009 ) in collaboration with Stian Westerhus og Eirik Hegdal. Improvisation is performing and developing the present moment.

Process and presence with energetic gravity– a technique eldbjørg is exploring and challenging in all her present projects. An album is a process reaching further than the present moment, framing in an essence and a form. It is a picture made to last, to be listened to and be met whenever and wherever you choose…

Stian Westerhus has recorded and co-produced SENSE. With ears wide open he has created a sonic nerve and a richness of detail you don’t come across every day!

The album cover has been designed by one of Norway’s most price winning designers at the moment: Per Finne. Photo: Anja E.Basma.

eldbjørg is looking forward to meeting a new audience with her new album, SENSE, and to give more concerts around the world – in all kinds of different, exciting arenas, for all types of people and age groups!