Rune //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Firehouse Space, Brooklyn, New York
Recording date: 
Friday, January 17, 2014
Artwork design: 
Carlo Costa
Mastering engineer: 
Jim Clouse
Mixing engineer: 
Nathaniel Morgan
Recording engineer: 
Jonathan Goldberger
  • 1. Porous Phase (17:01)
  • 2. Sunblind (07:31)
  • 3. Lithosphere (15:19)
  • 4. Depths (09:54)

An ensemble dedicated to exploring the scope and scale of experimental improvised music, Earth Tongues approaches each performance as a chance to build new, challenging work that take silence and ambient sound into full account. Consisting of Carlo Costa on percussion, Joe Moffett on trumpet, and Dan Peck on tuba, the trio creates immersive pieces that weave through a Venn diagram of music, noise, and quiet.

Earth Tongues’ debut album Rune approaches the boundaries of these three facets head-on. As the title suggests, the sounds that appear act as symbols to an unspoken language, suffused with meaning while remaining un-translated and open to interpretation. The ensemble gradually draws the listener deep into a new world of sound, piecing together a landscape scattered with glyphs, hidden forests, frost, tape, and stone.