Autumn Songs //

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  • 1. Browa Of Morning (08:25)
  • 2. Nine And Fifty Swans (05:41)
  • 3. Winter Comes To Hush Her Song (06:23)
  • 4. It Bends It Sways (03:37)
  • 5. Poor Autumn (04:38)
  • 6. The Clouds Go (04:08)
  • 7. Restlessly (04:13)
  • 8. Autumn In Maine (03:17)
  • 9. The Heavy Cargo (05:07)
  • 10. Rain Curtains (06:21)

This suite of freely improvised and minimally composed pieces is developed by Baars and Henneman for a USA tour in the autumn of 2012

Press quotes:

Edgefest copes with Hurricane Sandy complications, improvises an outstanding start
(…) With improvisation as the watchword, the Baars-Henneman Duo brought its lovely and lyrical compositions to life on Wednesday, displaying a gorgeous harmonic convergence of Ig Henneman’s rich viola tones and Baars’ breath-y saxophone runs.
The pair is wrapping up a tour and were clearly in sync, playing off one another as they breezed through a half-dozen avant-chamber music compositions that left plenty of room for improvisation.
--Will Stewart Ann Nov 1, 2012 Edgefest

...Ten well-proportioned improvisations, often of a lyrical nature. Delicate and touching, with Baars en Henneman taking different roles in each piece. Full-grown music that does not want to impress, but invites the listener to discover its beauty.
--Dolf Mulder Vital Weekly 884 2013

...I dare you to draw a clear line between what is written and what is not. Even in free improvisation mode, this duo is in sync. That, and the unique melodicism arising from their duets, are what makes Autumn Songs an artistic success, an example of musical perfection.
--Francois Couture 2013 Journal d'écoute / Listening Diary

...I'm obviously taking for granted their long journey together and their completing each other when skillfully combining composition and improvisation, while at the same time highlighting the complex multi-style approach which for a long time now is their everyday occupation.

--Beppe Colli 

CloudsandClocks 2013

...The music balances breathy notes against woody tones, as the pair recite their musical wordless poetry.
--Mark Corroto allaboutjazz 2013

Ab Baars - tenorsax/clarinet/shakuhachi
Ig Henneman - viola

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