Discordian Community Riot! //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Centre Artesana Tradicionarius
Recording date: 
Friday, December 21, 2012
This album shows only some pieces/fragments of what originally was a 4 hour concert, and is dedicated to all the musicians and promoters who gave their share to make it happen! THANK YOU!!!
Artwork design: 
El Pricto
Mastering engineer: 
Ralph Lopinski
Mixing engineer: 
Ralph Lopinski
Discordian Records
Recording engineer: 
Jim Colominas/Sebi Suárez
  • 1. Hex Chun Chan (07:47)
  • 2. Frutos Del Desguase (02:53)
  • 3. Out Of The Swamp (05:00)
  • 4. Reptilian Mambo #1 (04:41)
  • 5. Effet #7 (06:28)
  • 6. The End Is Very Far (07:48)
  • 7. Huir (03:38)
  • 8. Ix Tab (07:19)
  • 9. Cuenta Atrás (05:32)
  • 10. Reptilian Mambo #3 (05:59)
  • 11. Sofa #1 (05:05)

"Hex Chun Chan" & "Ix Tab" by Outerzone; "Frutos del Desguase" & "Huir" by bLow; "Out of the Swamp" by Agustí Martínez & Quicu Samsó; "Reptilian Mambo #1" & "Reptilian Mambo #3" by Reptilian Mambo; "Effet #7" by Bruitage; "Cuenta atrás" by Sin Anestesia; "The End Is Very Far" & "Sofa #1" by Discordian Community Orchestra.

"Hex Chun Chan", "Ix Tab", "Reptilian Mambo #1" and "Reptilian Mambo #3" composed by El Pricto.

"Frutos del Desguase" and "Huir" Lyrics by Marçal Font; Music by bLow.

"Sofa #1" Composed by Frank Zappa; arranged and conducted by El Pricto.

Recorded Live at C.A.T. (Centre Artesà Tradicionarius) Barcelona, by Jim Colominas and Sebi Suarez

Edited by El Pricto

Mixed and Mastered by Ralph Lopinski

Cover art, design and concept by Discordian

Back cover design by Aorita

Produced by Discordian Records


This is a recording of the first edition of Discordian Community Riot!!! a festival dedicated to the exposure of bands/musicians from the avant-garde musical scene in Barcelona that have recorded for Discordian Records.

The festival was co-produced with Arco y Flecha Productions, a promoting force behind many international artists that come to Barcelona to bring and influence us with their ideas and music.

Apart from being a memorable date due to its relation with the Mayan "End of time", it was also a great concert celebrating the gathering and communal cooperation of many musicians and promoters from Barcelona's musical underground.